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Learn More About VacLok® Vacuum Pressure Syringes

Merit Medical offers a variety of syringes to meet various clinical needs. Our VacLok Vacuum Pressure Syringes allow clinicians to lock the plunger in multiple positions for a negative pressure vacuum. This feature reduces hand fatigue while increasing procedural efficiencies. VacLok Vacuum Pressure Syringes have a polycarbonate barrel for clear visibility, fixed male Luer connector, and are available in 10, 20, 30, and 60ml sizes.

VacLok AT™ Vacuum Pressure Syringe

VacLok AT Vacuum Pressure Syringe

Designed to hold a vacuum without user interface, Merit’s new VacLok AT Vacuum Pressure Syringe locks in any of the 90 positions along the length of the barrel, making it the perfect syringe for creating negative vacuum pressure.

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Catalog NumberSize (Volume)Locking Position (Number)Hub StyleGripPlunger Color
VAC11010 mL1Fixed Male Luer ConnectorFlat GripWhite
VAC12020 mL4Fixed Male Luer ConnectorFlat GripWhite
VAC13030 mL6Fixed Male Luer ConnectorFlat GripWhite
VAC16060 mL6Fixed Male Luer ConnectorFlat GripWhite