Merit Diagnostic Cardiology FEP Catheter

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Merit’s FEP Teflon ® Angiographic Pigtail catheters provide softness, control, and imaging.

Features & Benefits

Pediatric Judkins Right and Left Catheters

With the introduction of our newest line of Pediatric Judkins Catheters, the catheter shapes and designs required by the pediatric cardiologist are readily available for diagnosing heart defects.

These catheters are available in 3F to 7F sizes, and 40cm to 100cm lengths.

Nylon Pebax Material

  • Kink resistant
  • Surface smoothness
  • Thin wall design for increased flow

Bumper tips

Added softness for patient safety


  • Good shaft visualization under fluoroscopy
  • Tip opacity ensures accurate placement

Wire braid design

  • Greater torque for maximum control
  • Superior pushability

Merit is Big on Catheter Performance

Pediatric angiographic pigtail Catheters

Softness, control and superior imaging. Merit’s FEP Angiographic Pigtail Catheters are heads and pigtails above the others.

FEP material

  • Improves surface smoothness
  • Thin wall design for increased flow

Unique hole placement

Spiral design for uniform contrast delivery

Variety of sizes & lengths

  • 3-7 French
  • 40cm to 100cm

4F Pediatric vessel sizing Catheters

Pediatric vessel sizing catheters are designed to provide accurate measurement of pediatric anatomy. Merit’s combination of excellent flow rates, 1200 psi rating, spiral side holes, and highly visible platinum marker bands assure a precise measurement tool.

Platinum Marker bands

Accurate anatomy sizing

Marker band spacing

Two bands spaced 1cm (10mm) apart


Excellent shaft and marker band visualization under fluoroscopy

Side holes

5 spiral holes within 20mm from end of pigtail, allowing contrast to remain within patient ventricle.



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