Futura® Safety Scalpels

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The Futura safety scalpel is retractable, protecting clinicians and patients when passing scalpels or disposing of them. The Futura safety scalpel has a precision stainless steel blade that retracts with spring retraction technology to minimize the risk of accidental cuts. The locking inset offers tactile and audible feedback that the blade has been safely retracted. Its one-handed activation combines convenience with rapid response for any surgical procedure.

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Cutting Edge of Safety

Merit Medical is adding a new dimension of safety solutions for physicians, clinicians and patients through retractable safety scalpels.


Merit Medical is pleased to introduce the Futura® Safety Scalpels. These automated retractable safety scalpels are designed to protect clinicians and patients from accidental cuts while passing and disposal.

Features Include:

One-handed activation allowing the clinician to focus on the surgical site.

The retractable design shields the blade, minimizing the risk of accidental cuts.

Blade sizes are color-coded for easy identification.

Small, compact and ideal for kits, trays & packs.

Latex Free


Discover more about the Futura® Safety Scalpels by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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