Merit Advance® Angiographic Safety Needle

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The unique design of the Merit Advance Safety Needle allows clinicians to easily activate a low profile safety mechanism, shielding the needle bevel after use. The hub of this introducer needle is transparent for visibility and designed with an ergonomic feel for ease of handling.

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Features & Benefits

Customers rely on Merit Medical when needlestick prevention matters most.

The unique design of the Merit Advance Angiographic Safety Needle provides an easy to activate, low profile safety mechanism, which shields the bevel of the needle after use.

Low Profile Safety Mechanism

Less likely to change or affect clinical technique.

Color Coded Safety Mechanism

For fast identification of needle gauge size.

Ergonomic Hub Design

Facilitates grip, stability, and needle control during use.

Transplant Polycarbonate Hub

For instant bleed-back confirmation.

Sharp Cannula Bevel

Provides quick access to the vasculature and minimizes trauma to surrounding tissue.


Discover more about the Merit Advance® Angiographic Safety Needle by reviewing the brochures and Instructions for Use.


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