I Am Merit: Melissa Green

I Am Merit: Melissa Green, Endotek Planning and PurchasingNearly 20 Years at Merit! In 1992 I went to work for Mallinckrodt in Angleton, TX. I was in Production working on the Performa and Trax catheters (now Merit’s Concierge Catheter). In 1998, Merit Medical acquired a small division of Mallinckrodt and that’s when my career with Merit began. We operated in the Angleton facility until 2014, and now our entire operation has been moved to a brand new facility in Pearland, TX.

When Merit acquired Mallinckrodt I moved first into a shipping/receiving role and was then promoted to Planner nearly 15 years ago.

Analyzing Data is my Passion as a Planner. I really enjoy my role as Planner. I am responsible to make sure we can meet the demands of our customers by ensuring adequate inventory of our products. I review sales orders and forecasts and compare them against worldwide inventory, and then work with Production to ensure that they’ve scheduled enough product to meet upcoming orders. If inventory is running low I notify Production and Marketing so that more product is manufactured, and I keep our customers and sales staff informed through the Customer Service teams worldwide. I love analyzing the data, working with the numbers and putting all the pieces together like a puzzle.

My New Role with Merit Endotek. Last year, I moved into a dual Planning and Purchasing role for all Merit Endotek products. So in addition to my Planning responsibilities, I ensure the availability of all raw materials needed to manufacture the Endotek products. If raw material inventory is running low in relation to customer order forecasts, I work with our vendors to order additional raw materials.

New Faces Everywhere. Merit has been a good company for me to work for. I have a great support staff and enjoy my peers and managers. When Merit first bought Mallinckrodt we were a small team. Now I see new faces everywhere. It has been fun to watch the company grow and know that I’ve played a role in all of it.

When I’m not at Work. When I’m not at Merit, I enjoy spending time with my family back in Angleton. I have two children – a daughter who is 23 and attends college and a son in high school.

I Am Merit: Linda Sigvardt

Linda Sigvardt, Merit's Travel DepartmentThe story behind Merit’s Travel Department

I’ve worked in the travel industry for over 30 years. It could have been my love of airplanes or the desire to experience exotic cultures in remote countries that drove me to work in the travel industry. I’ve always known my place would be in corporate travel sphere. My involvement with Merit started over 15 years ago, first as account manager with Travel Zone and as they were sold, I moved to Hess Travel and Merit followed. Then Fred approached me with a job offer to manage Merit’s travel internally. I’ve been at Merit for 2 ½ years now and have seen significant changes and major improvements with the value Merit receives with its travel arrangements.

The one-woman travel agency

When I started working for Merit, Fred gave me three main directives. The first directive was to establish a duty of care plan, which ensures the safety of all Merit employees while traveling. The duty of care is one of the most important areas of my work. We want to ensure that every Merit employee is accounted for in any situation. The second directive was to establish beneficial vendor relationships, which provide Merit with the lowest possible rates and best customer service. Merit has negotiated rates with several airlines, car companies, hotels and AAA to improve Merit’s savings globally. Sometimes it just comes down to waivers and favors and Merit’s travel department have the privileges and benefits available. The third directive was to organize and establish travel policies for Merit employees. The guidelines we’ve established in the travel department are focused on providing Merit employees with the most seamless travel experience possible. These guidelines also ensure Merit with the lowest possible travel costs and provide the traveler with our duty of care.

My time to travel

I really do love to travel and have been to 11 countries and 30 states.  In 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to the Merit facilities in the U.S. and Europe to do field research. They were fast and furious trips, but they proved to be very valuable tools for me in assisting our travelers. Nothing can replace the “boot on the ground” experience for gathering information on airports and hotels near our facilities. When I’m not working, I spend a lot time with my daughter Chandler. If I have to pick our favorite things to do together, I would have to say hiking and shopping. We love to be in the mountains and in nature on a good trail. But we also love to shop just as hard as we hike.