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At Merit Medical®, we want to make sure that you have the tools and training you need to ensure great patient outcomes. Here's a quick look at some of what Merit has to offer.
1) Reimagine Your Guide Wire – A decade—the time it took to build a superior guide wire and to rival competing greatness. The Merit SplashWire combines optimum lubricity, exceptional torque response, and enhanced visibility, helping you achieve the successful outcomes you expect, even in the most complex cases.
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2) Built for Better Inflation – The basixALPHA Inflation Device is an analog inflation syringe with a +30 ATM/BAR (zero to + 441 PSI) capability and 20 mL capacity, designed for use in a variety of interventional procedures. More than just an accessory, the basixALPHA has a number of product features which increase ease of use and solve common clinical challenges.
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3) The Choice is Clear – The PhD Hemostasis Valve simplifies procedures with an easy one-handed, push-and-release mechanism, freeing your other hand to deliver interventional equipment. Dual-seal technology provides easy bleedback control, minimizing patient blood loss.
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4) It's Not Too Late: Join Merit at SIR 2021 – You're just in time to catch Merit at SIR's virtual show. Tonight and Friday evening, we'll be hosting educational symposia on the "Management of Venous Access" and "Balloon-Assisted Vertebral Augmentation." Don't miss out!
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5) Bipedicular Footprint Via a Unipedicular Approach – The Arcadia Steerable and Straight Balloons are designed to achieve controlled, precise, targeted cavity creation in your vertebral augmentation procedures, whether your approach is unipedicular or bipedicular.
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6) Steerability. Dexterity. Control. – The StabiliT® MX system is your solution for targeted, bone-sparing vertebral augmentation. You'll be able to create preferential paths for the controlled delivery of high-viscosity cement in various fracture morphologies.
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7) Cardiac Catheterization Solutions Equal Accurate Diagnoses & Successful Treatments – Our cardiac catheterization solutions provide you with a variety of tools to help you accurately diagnose and successfully treat patients with heart problems. From sheath introducers and guide wires to catheters, inflation devices, and more, learn about the superior devices we offer for your cardiac cath lab procedures.
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8) Our Dedication to Kidney Health Continues – Kidney disease is a global issue. Approximately 2 million people worldwide suffer from kidney failure, and the number of patients diagnosed with the disease continues to increase. Through our dedication and the supportive programs, high-quality products, and services we provide, our team acts as an ambassador for better dialysis care.
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9) Revolutionary Compression Available Now – We're excited to announce the launch of the SafeGuard Focus, a revolutionary compression device designed specifically for use in patients with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) pockets. Available in two unique versions, the SafeGuard Focus is designed to provide accurate and quick hemostasis that’s also comfortable for the patient.
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10) Know Your Direction – When navigating cardiac chambers during electrophysiology (EP) procedures, the HeartSpan® Steerable Sheath Introducer is designed to deliver an ergonomic and comfortable control for more precise deflection.
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11) Enjoy Seamless Crossings – The HeartSpan® Fixed Curve Braided Transseptal Sheath is designed with a seamless dilator-to-sheath transition to assist with ease of femoral insertion as well as trauma reduction when crossing the atrial septum. Our braided sheath construction allows for curve durability and kink resistance during long procedures.
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12) Meeting Your Procedural Requirements – To complement our extensive line of quality angiography accessories, Merit Medical has developed a complete line of high-pressure tubing to meet all procedural requirements.
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13) Control Creates Confidence – The RadialFLO is a first-step device in setting up a pressure monitoring and closed blood-sampling system. Engineered for peripheral access, the RadialFLO enables clinicians to gather hemodynamic data, helping to improve patient care.
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14) Reducing Medical Errors – Pressure monitoring accuracy depends on the entire monitoring system. Designed with EasyVent®, the Meritrans DTXPlus® Disposable Transducer features a unique cap that allows clinicians to prime and zero the stopcock without removing the cap and exposing the line to the ambient environment.
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15) Patient Safety is Not Negotiable – The Safedraw® is a closed in-line arterial sampling system that reduces risk of infection or line contamination when compared to open (or stopcock) sampling devices. Its self-sealing, silicone septum facilitates easier blood sampling and superior clinical samples while reducing the risk of iatrogenic anemia and cross contamination.
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Education & Training Opportunities

Think Spine Course: April 1 – Please join Merit and Dr. G.C. Anselmetti, in cooperation with the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, for a discussion on the percutaneous treatment of spinal metastases, followed by a prerecorded case.
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New Think ICRT Series Starting in April – Hone your Interventional CRT skills with the latest Think Interventional CRT series, featuring Drs. Seth Worley, Matt McKillop, and Sandeep Bansal.

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Note: Before using any of the products described, refer to Instructions for Use for indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and directions for use.

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