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December 2019

News for Medical Professionals

Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Merit's Solutions for Vertebral Compression Fractures

Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) can have debilitating effects on a patient's quality of life, which is why Merit Medical offers a full family of VCF solutions to meet the needs of our patients . . .

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Know Your Direction

The HeartSpan® Steerable Sheath Introducer is designed to offer a softer, flexible tip to reduce the risk of atrial wall perforation. The braided construction provides kink resistance and curve durability during Atrial Fibrillation procedures. When navigating cardiac chambers during Electrophysiology (EP) procedures, the sheath is designed to deliver an ergonomic and comfortable control for more precise deflection. The Steerable Sheath is designed to work in unison with the HeartSpan Transseptal Needle . . .

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Precision at Play—SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter

With a touch of a steering dial, the SwiftNINJA allows operators to change the angle and shape of the microcatheter tip while repositioning the device in vivo and in real time—all without the use of a guide wire . . .

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Aspira® Drainage System—The Compassionate Treatment Option for Your Patients

With its simple and easy-to-use design, the Aspira Drainage System is an excellent choice for caregivers and patients. When compared to thoracentesis and paracentesis, the Aspira Drainage System may allow patients to drain fluid and manage their symptoms without repeated trips to the hospital . . .

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Soft Tissue or Bone Biopsy, Merit Has The Tools You Need

Whether doing basic or challenging biopsies, the Merit soft tissue biopsy devices offer a complete selection with advanced features to obtain top-quality tissue samples with ease and efficiency. At the same time, our bone biopsy systems offer physicians the luxury of choice, whilst optimizing diagnostic yield . . .

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Unlock. Stent. Convert.

The ConvertX Nephroureteral Stent System is used for temporary internal drainage in patients with severe ureteral obstructions. Its unique technology provides a less invasive option by eliminating the need for a second interventional procedure these patients undergo traditionally . . .

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Reduce Needless Exposure to Formaldehyde

Classified as a category 1b carcinogen, formaldehyde carries with it significant risk. Reduce that risk, and the accompanying health issues, with the BiopSafe® Biopsy Sample System . . .

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

The IDeal Sheath Introducer for Your Patients

The Prelude IDeal, which is designed primarily for use in radial access procedures, has the same outer diameter as the leading competitor's product, making it a suitable option for use with a wide range of anatomy including patients with small and thin vessels. However, with a 13% thinner wall, the sheath body inner diameter is larger, meaning more working room for catheters and other devices . . .

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Achieve Hemostasis with the Safeguard Radial Compression Device

The Safeguard Radial Compression Device is designed to help you achieve PATENT HEMOSTASIS at the conclusion of your radial procedure. The device is comfortable for your patients, convenient for hospital staff, and easy to use . . .

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BasixTouch Inflation Device—Expanding Your Capacity

Expand the capacity of your lab with the fast, versatile, robust, and reliable BasixTouch Inflation Device . . .

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Have You Discovered Interventional CRT?

Interventional CRT, utilizing interventional cardiology techniques for the implantation of LV leads, has benefits for both the clinician and the patient. What are you waiting for?

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Seamless Crossing

The HeartSpan® Fixed Curve Braided Transseptal Sheath is designed with a seamless dilator to sheath transition to assist with ease of femoral insertion as well as trauma reduction when crossing the atrial septum. Our braided sheath construction allows for curve durability and kink resistance during long procedures. And, with five new curves, Merit's got you covered . . .

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Nimble Control & Navigation

The HeartSpan Transseptal Needle is designed to be exceptionally responsive with enhanced stiffness. The ergonomic handle fits the contours of your hand, for nimble control and navigation. The Merit HeartSpan Needle is designed to work with the HeartSpan Transseptal Sheath . . .

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Non-Thermal, Non-Tumescent Specialty Infusion Catheter

ClariVein® IC is designed to benefit patients and physicians alike. Fully disposable, the minimally invasive and quick procedure times can allow patients a faster return to normal activities . . .

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Merit Is Committed to Dialysis Access

Merit's line of Flex-Neck® Adult, Adolescent and Pediatric Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters have an internal diameter (ID) that is 35% larger than competitive catheters. Infant catheters are available in one and two cuff configurations. Each catheter kit contains a unique stenciling system for improved placement accuracy . . .

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Merit Medical - DualCap

Infection Prevention at Its Finest

Made by nurses, for nurses, the DualCap® Disinfection & Protection System — a device with two caps that protect IV connectors between uses — not only provides rapid and ongoing protection at both IV catheter access points but also offers solutions to common concerns associated with using competing disinfection systems . . .

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Merit Medical - Fluid

Integrate Fluid Management, Optimize Efficiency, and Reduce Costs

Merit Medical offers an integrated suite of interventional fluid management products designed to effectively manage patient fluid levels, contrast media, and waste in diagnostic and interventional procedures. From tubing to transducers, fluid spikes to drainage bags, Merit Medical provides high quality angiographic accessories you can rely on to deliver safe and efficient fluid management . . .

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