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August 2019

News for Medical Professionals

Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Why Distal?

Discover patient and operator advantages of distal, explore the resource section for clinical data that supports the technique, and get to know the PreludeSYNC DISTAL&trade — our radial compression device created specifically for the distal radial access site . . .

Discover the Distal Advantages
Merit Medical - Products You Should Know

Updated Spine Resources for Your Practice

Recently updated, the online Spine Resource Center is designed to support you in your spine practice as well as to help provide the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing vertebral augmentation (kyphoplasty), vertebroplasty, and spinal tumor ablation treatments . . .

Discover the Spine Resource Center
Merit Medical - Products You Should Know

Supporting Your Dialysis Efforts

Merit Medical is committed to dialysis access and has built a comprehensive platform around dialysis access, an on-demand clinical support team, and our patient-facing education program Ė ask4PD. Explore how we can support your dialysis efforts and learn more about the recent Executive Order on Advancing Kidney Health, including incentives to get more patients on home dialysis therapies . . .

Discover Merit's Dialysis Commitment
Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

Have You Discovered Interventional CRT?

Interventional CRT, utilizing interventional cardiology techniques for the implantation of LV leads, has benefits for both the clinician and the patient. What are you waiting for? . . .

Discover the Benefits
Merit Medical - PreludeSYNC DISTAL Access

PreludeSYNC DISTAL™ Hemostasis Device —
Innovative, Secure, Effective

Providing advantages for both the patient and the operator, the PreludeSYNC DISTAL assists in achieving vascular hemostasis with clear, unobstructed site visibility. Discover the benefits of Meritís first-to-market distal radial compression device . . .

Discover the Benefits
Merit Medical - PreludeIDEAL

Explore the Benefits of Thinner and Stronger

With the same outer diameter as the leading competitor but larger sheath body inner diameter, the PreludeIDEAL gives you the benefits of radial access with increased compression and kink resistance . . .

Discover the IDEAL State
Merit Medical - BasixTouch

BasixTouch Inflation Device —
Expanding Your Capacity

Expand the capacity of your lab with the fast, versatile, robust, and reliable BasixTouch Inflation Device . . .

Discover the BasixTouch
Merit Medical - CCS Coronary Control Syringe

It All Began with the CCS Coronary Control Syringe

Clear barrels, multiple grips, smart tip options, and more. Merit has designed and created quality control syringes with features that continue to meet ever-changing clinical expectations . . .

Discover What Started It All
Merit Medical - BiopSafe

Reduce Needless Exposure to Formaldehyde

Classified as a category 1b carcinogen, formaldehyde carries with it significant risk. Dramatically reduce that risk, and the accompanying health issues, with the BiopSafe® Biopsy Sample System. . . .

Reduce Your Risk
Merit Medical - DiamondTOUCH

Simplified Bone Cement Delivery & Balloon Inflation

The DiamondTOUCH Syringe offers speed and performance as part of Merit's expanded line of vertebral compression fracture products. Compatible with products such as StabiliT® cement delivery and the Osseoflex® balloon inflation, DiamondTOUCH allows you the flexibility you need when treating vertebral compression fractures . . .

Take a Look at the DiamondTOUCH
Merit Medical - EmboCube

EmboCube Embolization Gelatin —
Speed Meets Precision

EmboCube is the only gelatin foam that is uniformly cut and loaded into a syringe for faster preparation and delivery. Using traditional gelatin foam sheets as an embolic agent requires manual preparation before use, which can be messy, time consuming, and can result in inconsistently-sized particles that may clog the delivery catheter or lead to nontargeted embolization . . .

Discover the EmboCube
Merit Medical - Aspira Drainage System

Aspira® Drainage System:
Patient Education Tools Available

Did you know Merit provides valuable patient education tools to help familiarize patients with the Aspira Drainage System? Visit the patient-facing website Aspira Drainage System — the Compassionate Treatment Option for Your Patients to learn more . . .

Discover More Resources
Merit Medical - Embosphere

Embosphere® Microspheres:
The Trailblazer of Embolics

Trailblazing indications have enabled Embosphere to support a growing number of minimally-invasive therapies with its unwavering quality and performance, helping physicians like you improve the lives of your patients . . .

Take a Look at the Embosphere Microspheres
Merit Medical - ClariPak

ClariPak Vascular Procedural Kit — Now Available

The ClariPak Vascular Procedural Kit combines the tools you need into one convenient kit to help increase procedural efficiency and improve inventory management. The kit includes the ClariVein® IC Infusion Catheter, safety products, sheaths, and more . . .

Increase Efficiency Now
Merit Medical - Prelude Splittable Sheaths

Reducing Vessel Trauma with the Prelude SNAP Splittable Sheath Introducer

Providing a seamless sheath-to-dilator transition, reducing vessel trauma, and providing ease of insertion through tortuous anatomy, the PreludeSNAP is easier to break than its predecessor, making it effortless to remove and helping ensure leads stay in place . . .

Take a Look at the Prelude SNAP
Merit Medical - HeartSpan

Curve Durability & Kink Resistance

With five new curves available, the HeartSpan® Fixed Curve Braided Transseptal Sheath is designed to reduce trauma and assist with the ease of femoral insertion. These new curves allow you to reach various sites within the cardiac chambers . . .

Discover the New Curves
Merit Medical - Events, Tradeshows, and Education Opportunities

Education & Events With Merit

Will you join us at upcoming events and education opportunities?

  ThinkDialysisAccess™ Course — PD and HeRO | Long Beach, CA |
Sept 12-14, 2019

  ThinkInterventionalCRT | Greenville, SC | Sept 15-16, 2019

  Wire-Free Tumor Localization | Online Webinar |
Sept 26, 2019 at 4pm PST

  ThinkRadial® Intervention Course | Salt Lake City, UT |
Oct 25-26, 2019

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