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Merit Medical - Innovating Together

Innovating Together

April 2019

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Merit Medical - PreludeSYNC DISTAL Access

Now Available: PreludeSYNC DISTAL™ — Innovative, Secure, Effective

Providing advantages for both the patient and the operator, the PreludeSYNC DISTAL assists in achieving vascular hemostasis with clear, unobstructed site visibility. Discover the benefits of Merit’s first-to-market distal radial compression device...

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Merit Medical - Announcing ClariVein®

ClariVein® - Now Available From Merit

ClariVein is designed to benefit patients and physicians alike. Fully disposable, the minimally invasive and quick procedure times can allow patients a faster return to normal activities...

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MMerit Medical - DualCap, Built in disinfection and protection

DualCap® — Infection Prevention
By Nurses, For Nurses

Did you know " in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare associated infection (HAI), resulting in thousands of lives lost and billions of healthcare dollars spent - each year"? DualCap, built by nurses for nurses, provides rapid and ongoing protection for patients...

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Merit Medical - Enhanced Flexibility with Interventional CRT

Enhanced Flexibility with Interventional CRT

Interventional CRT provides the tools and solutions needed to reduce implantation times, gain easier access to the target vessel, and improve chances for successful CRT implantation...

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know About

PreludeIDEAL™ — Explore the Benefits of Thinner and Stronger

With the same outer diameter as the leading competitor, but larger sheath body inner diameter, the PreludeIDEAL gives you the benefits of radial access with increased compression and kink resistance...

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know - Drainage Needs

Supporting Your Drainage Needs — Every Step of the Way

Merit’s broad offering of drainage catheters facilitate short-term and long-term therapies for your patients...

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know - National Kidney Month

Discover Merit’s Commitment to Kidney Health

Committed to dialysis and providing the access critical to successful dialysis procedures, Merit supports clinicians by providing physician training via ThinkAccess, as well as a broad array of innovative access products for dialysis treatment...

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Merit Medical - Announcing RadialFlo™

Now Available: RadialFlo™ — Control Creates Confidence

Engineered for peripheral access to the arterial system, the RadialFLO’s advanced features enable clinicians to gather hemodynamic data, helping to improve patient care. Discover this first-step device, available now...

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Merit Medical - Products You Should Know - Interventional CRT

Matching Your Patient's Anatomy with Interventional CRT

The unique curve of the Coronary Sinus Guide (CSG) helps you match your patient’s anatomy. Using the braided core inner catheter, this can be advanced as needed to create variable curves reducing the number of sheaths needed to facilitate a successful implantation...

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Merit Medical - Events, Tradeshows, and Education Opportunities

Education & Events With Merit

Will you join us at our upcoming education event?
  Hands-On & In-Booth Presentations @ HRS | San Francisco, CA | May 8-11, 2019
  ThinkRadial Intervention Course | Miami, FL | June 7-8, 2019
  GEST | New York City, NY | May 9-12, 2019
  Education Opportunities for IC's | Various Locations
  Dialysis Access Fellows Boot Camp | Orangeburg, SC | Apr 8-10, 2019
  ThinkDialysis Access | Pittsburgh, PA | Apr 12, 2019
  VASA | Houston, TX | May 10-11, 2019
  NTI | Orlando, FL | May 20-23, 2019
  Education Opportunities for Critical Care Nurses | "Hello Infection, Meet Prevention" | On-Demand Webinar
  Education Opportunities for Electrophysiologists
  ThinkInterventionalCRT | Washington DC | May 5-6, 2019
  Think iCRT Fellows Program | San Francisco, CA | May 7, 2019
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