Smaller Packaging for Merit Medical’s ASAP® Aspiration Catheter

Merit Medical recognizes that busy cardiac catheterization and interventional radiology labs need to maximize shelf space for their inventory. The ASAP Aspiration Catheter’s new, smaller box will be available worldwide by the end of January 2013. The new 10” x 11” size box will take up less space, which is valuable to any healthcare organization, especially in clinical areas.

Inside the new packaging is a thermoform tray that securely contains the following components:

  • ASAP Aspiration Catheter
  • 21.5 cm Tubing Set With Stopcock
  • (2) 30 mL Merit VacLok® Vacuum Pressure Syringes
  • (2) 70 µm Filter Baskets
  • (1) 4 mL RXP® Rapid Exchange Prep Syringe
  • MicroStop™ Closed Waste Basin & Lid

The ASAP Aspiration Catheter is designed to remove soft emboli or thrombi from vessels in coronary and peripheral vasculature. We hope our customers like the new, smaller size packaging!

Elizabeth Pratt
Senior Product Manager

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