Merit Sensor’s award winning BP Series
pressure sensor is ideal for high-volume,
disposable medical applications and
is compliant with the AAMI BP22
Specification for blood pressure monitoring.

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About the Sensor Division

Merit Sensor Systems, Inc., was founded in 1991 and is engaged in the design, fabrication, assembly and packaging of customized piezoresistive pressure sensor solutions for medical, automotive, industrial, aviation, defense and consumer applications. Merit Sensor Systems is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a subsidiary of Merit Medical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MMSI).

Services – Design & Manufacturing

One size does not fit all. Whether it is design assistance, custom products or smaller volumes, clients need flexible solutions instead of rigid excuses.

In addition to our standard products, we offer an array of design and manufacturing services.

As the leader in piezoresistive pressure sensing, we are ready and able to address key issues such as media compatibility, sensitivity or packaging feasibility. Instead of searching for and interfacing with a variety of sources, we’ll get you the answers you need to get your products up and running quickly.


We offer the following design services:

    • Customization (sensitivity, resistance, bridge configurations, pressure ranges, pressure types, packages, etc.)
    • Analysis (application, media, packaging etc.)
    • Verification (prototyping, testing, etc.)

If we can’t do it for you, we will likely know who can and we will refer you to them.


Because we own and operate our own wafer fabrication facility, we can offer the following manufacturing services:

    • Customized manufacturing
    • Selected contract manufacturing
    • Small volume runs

Considering the years we have been in business, chances are we have or can create a solution for you.

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