Better drainage care stems from ongoing product innovation. By listening to valuable physician feedback and investing in technology that improves drainage care, Merit Medical is able to deliver products that meet unique clinical needs.

Over the past 2 decades, we’ve continually expanded our drainage portfolio to include a diverse range of solutions that work together to help physicians achieve optimal drainage care. Watch the video to see our full Drainage Portfolio.


We offer multiple drainage catheters designed to lessen trauma and promote a more accurate placement.

ReSolve® Locking Drainage Catheter

For all-purpose drainage procedures, ReSolve locking drainage catheters help to LESSEN TRAUMA and promote more accurate placement. The tip of the locking drainage catheters are located on the inside of the pigtail curve to prevent irritation of the surrounding tissue. The catheter shafts have depth-positioning markers to facilitate ACCURATE placement and to act as a reference for correct POSITIONING.

ReSolve Locking Drainage Catheter

Introducing the ReSolve Mini™ Locking Drainage Catheter

The ReSolve Mini™ Locking Drainage Catheter pigtail is up to 42% smaller than our standard locking pigtails, allowing the catheter to be placed into smaller fluid pockets. It features a tapered tip and hydrophilic coating for a smooth introduction, designed to reduce patient discomfort.

Resolve Mini Locking Drainage Catheter

Aspira® Drainage System

When compared to thoracentesis and paracentesis, the Aspira® Drainage System may allow patients to drain fluid and manage their symptoms without repeated trips to the hospital.

The Aspira® Drainage System is simple to use and provides a compassionate treatment option for patients.

Aspira Drainage System

Better Care with Comfort & Compassion

It’s time for the Aspira Advantage.

Aspira Drainage System - Compassionate Care for Your Patients - Merit Medical

ReSolve ConvertX® Nephroureteral Stent System

The ReSolve ConvertX Nephroureteral Stent System is used for temporary internal drainage in patients with severe ureteral obstructions. Its unique technology provides a less invasive option by eliminating the need for a second interventional procedure these patients undergo traditionally.

ReSolve ConvertX

Only One Procedure

Eliminates the need for a second invasive procedure.

One Procedure - Resolve ConvertX


Excellent transitions for a smooth introduction.

MAK-NV™ Introducer System

The MAK-NV Introducer System (Mini Access for Non-Vascular applications), was designed for easy visualization and quick access into the drainage area. For enhanced visibility, the device features an echo enhanced needle and radiopaque marker tip on the introducer. Excellent transitions decrease buckling for a smooth insertion.

MAK-NV Introducer System


With a breadth of products to complete all of your drainage procedure needs, Merit is your One-Stop-Shop for drainage procedure products.

FastBreak™ Breakaway Connector

Designed to promote patient safety by having the catheter detach at the connector site rather than causing injury or compromising the drainage treatment being offered.

StayFIX® Fixation Device

The StayFIX® fixation device for percutaneous non-vascular catheters is a cost-effective, time-saving, needleless catheter securement device.

StayFIX Fixation Device

Merit Drainage Depot™ Drainage Bags

Easy-to-read markings to identify fluid volume, a twist valve for easy disposal of fluids, and an internal anti-reflux valve.

Merit Drainage Depot Drainage Bags

Procedure Kits

Assembling all the products you need for a procedure can be time consuming. Merit Medical’s kits can optimize efficiency, reduce cost and waste, with a kit designed to fit your need.

ReSolve® Locking Drainage Catheter Trays

Conveniently containing the ReSolve® Locking Drainage Catheter, MAK-NV™ Introducer System, Merit Drainage Depot™ Drainage Bag, and dilators, these trays offer all you need from stick to fixation.

ReSolve Locking Drainage Catheter Trays

Safety Paracentesis Procedure Tray

The Safety Paracentesis Procedure Tray includes necessary products to complete a paracentesis procedure and contains three safety needles to ensure a safe working environment.

Safety Paracentesis Procedure Tray

Thoracentesis & Paracentesis Set

Includes the low-profile Valved One-Step centesis catheter and the components needed for drainage of fluid and specimen collection for diagnostic purposes.

Thoracentesis & Paracentesis Set