Safety Built In

The ReSolve CirQ™ Nephrostomy Catheter is a loop nephrostomy catheter that provides stability in the kidney to prevent inadvertent catheter removal.

ReSolve CirQ Nephrostomy Catheter

Unique loop design prevents the CirQ from being pulled out of the kidney inadvertently.

Three radiopaque marker bands show the drainage location.

Fastbreak Breakaway Connector
ReSolve CirQ™ Nephrostomy Catheter

FastBreak™ Breakaway Connector reduces the risk of the CirQ being pulled out inadvertently, with three force strengths to customize the break force for your individual patients.

Learn More About ReSolve CirQ™ Nephrostomy Catheter

The Resolve CirQ Nephrostomy Catheter comes with the following contents:

  1. ReSolve CirQ Nephrostomy Catheter
  2. Y-connector
  3. FastBreak Breakaway Connectors

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Catalog NumberFrench Size (F)Catheter Length (cm)Tip ConfigurationRadiopaque Marker BandGuide Wire CompatibilityDrainage HolesSterilizationLatex FreeHCPCS CodeShipping Box Qty
RCQ-10-038MB10F29 cmCurveMarker Band0.038" (0.97 mm)4 Drainage HolesETOYesC17291
RCQH-10-038MB10F29 cmCurveMarker Band0.038" (0.97 mm)4 Drainage HolesETOYesC17291