HeRO Graft Animated Implant Overview
How to implant the HeRO Graft to traverse central venous stenosis in qualified patients.

Training and Webinars

Dialysis Access: An Overview of Options

Accredited CE Program

Earn 2 CE credits upon attending and completing post-test.


To give an overview of dialysis access by outlining the types of access available and the order of preference for use to nurses, dialysis technicians, and other healthcare professionals interested in learning about dialysis access sufficient to earn continuing education credits.


Innovative Solutions Webinar

Innovative Solutions to Reduce Dialysis Catheter Dependency, Decrease Blood Stream Infections, and Treat the Narrowing of Central Veins

Innovative Solutions Webinar


HeRO Graft

  • Treatment Algorithm
  • Product Overview
  • HeRO Graft Vs. Catheter
  • Key Benefits
  • Identifying a Candidate

Central Venous Pathology (CVP)

  • Definition
  • Physiology
  • Pathologies
  • Prevalence
  • Etiologies

CVP and catheter use for hemodialysis and related issues

Vascular Access Algorithm

CVP Treatment


To provide didactic training on the causes of central venous pathology and how it impacts the vascular access choices for hemodialysis patients. The presentation discusses the link between the use of central venous catheters and increase infections which lead to increase hospitalization. The program will offer insight into innovative solutions to care for this group of patients. The program is designed for all health care providers who create and care for vascular access for hemodialysis patients.


HeRO Graft Training Webinar Opportunities

Merit offers 20 minute live training webinars led by a HeRO Graft Specialist. If you are interested in joining a webinar, please Contact Us.

HeRO Graft Webinar Highlights

  • Benefits of the HeRO Graft
  • Recognize a patient with a HeRO Graft
  • Describe the appropriate physical assessment/cannulation technique
  • Q&A