New Corporate Website

To better serve you, Merit Medical has developed a new corporate website that will enhance your ability to access information about Merit Medical’s business and its products.

1. Searchable catalog – Type key word searches for products and catalog items using the website Search field in the upper right corner of each page, or on the left side of the Products pages. Looking for a particular catalog number? Use the Search function.

2. Filterable catalog – On Products pages, you can filter catalog items according to criteria that interest you. For example, if you want a Performa® diagnostic cardiology catheter with only one side port, go to its page (enter the product name in the Search field), scroll down to the “Catalog” section at the bottom of the page, and set the “# Side Ports” filter to “1 Side Port.” Instead of hundreds of catalog items, you’ll see only a few that match your selected criteria.

3. Lists of videos, brochures, and instructions for use – All of our product videos, brochures, and instructions for use are available in alphabetical lists. To access the lists, go to the “Products” dropdown menu at the top of the website, and select “Videos,” “Brochures,” or “Instructions for Use.” In addition to viewing these items, you can download them from the lists.

4. Information feeds – Now you can subscribe to news and events, blog posts, announcements of newly released product videos or brochures, and career opportunities. Subscriptions are available via email or your favorite feed reader (like Google Reader). All available information feeds are listed in the “About” section of the website on the “Information Feeds” page.

5. Easily shareable product pagesProducts pages each have a “Share” link in the upper right corner. You can use the link to share the page with your colleagues via email or on a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

We’re also working on additional features that will be available in the coming weeks and months. For example, we plan to provide the ability to lookup c-codes for our products, and translate the website into Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Please let us know, in the “Comments On This Post” below or through the Contact page on the new website, what else we can do to make our website better for you. Thanks!

Lincoln Cannon
Director, Sales and Marketing Technology
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

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