Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle™ Features Inventor of the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter Swan Neck Design

Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle newspaper was created to feature interviews with inventors, physicians, and authors about several Merit Medical products, including the Merit Maestro Microcatheter.

The Merit Maestro Microcatheter is preshaped and designed to access and maintain position in arteries with acute angles such as the hepatic artery. The secondary curve helps seat the catheter in the vessel to reduce the recoiling effect of the embolic agent as it is introduced. The preshaped distal end is ideal for access to the hepatic artery. Shinichi Hori, MD, PhD, the Director of the Gate Tower Institute for Image Guided Therapy in Japan, created the exclusive swan neck design of the Merit Maestro Microcatheter and offered his opinion on the advantages of its design. “Standard microcatheters have a change in flexibility and softness at each joint,” Hori observed. “Since the Merit Maestro has no joints, the catheter movement inside the blood vessel is very smooth.” Dr. Hori now uses the swan neck microcatheter for the majority of his cases where there are acute branch take-offs and vessel tortuosity.

The Merit Maestro multipurpose microcatheter was designed and engineered for the controlled and selective infusion of diagnostic, embolic, or therapeutic materials into peripheral and coronary vasculature. To read more about the Merit Maestro and other Merit Medical products used for embolic therapy such as QuadraSphere® microspheres, click on the link below.

Innovation Chronicle

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