Merit Medical Releases Video for the Scion Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D.™

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new video for the Scion Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. Antimicrobial Barrier. The Scion Cardio-Vascular CIo-SurPLUS P.A.D. is intended for the local management of bleeding wounds and to provide a barrier to bacterial penetration of the dressing in all patients and for the promotion of rapid control (hemostasis) of bleeding in patients following hemodialysis and for those on anticoagulation therapy.

The video demonstrates the use of this versatile pad as an alternative to manual compression following catherization. The Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. accelerates hemostasis plus protects against nosocomial infection, improving clinical efficiency while reducing complications, such as pseudoaneurysms and hematomas.1

To view the new CIo-SurPLUS P.A.D. video, click on the following link:

Mark Heninger
Senior Product Manager, Merit Medical

[1] Invasive Cardiology: A Manual for Cath Lab Personnel, Pg. 396, Watson and Gorski