Compassionate Treatment

The Aspira® Drainage System is a tunneled, long-term catheter used to drain accumulated fluid from the pleural or peritoneal cavity to relieve symptoms associated with malignant pleural effusion or malignant ascites.

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When compared to thoracentesis and paracentesis, the Aspira® Drainage System may allow patients to drain fluid and manage their symptoms without repeated trips to the hospital.

The Aspira® Drainage System is simple to use and provides a compassionate treatment option for patients.

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Ease of Use

  • Stylet with Hydro-Glide® coating decreases leakage during insertion and helps stiffen catheter to facilitate insertion
  • Less bulky and requires less storage space than other home drainage products
  • 15.5 F Silicone Cuffed Catheter with attachable valve
  • Catheter can be trimmed proximally or distally to facilitate placement


  • Repairable catheter valve enables a patient with a damaged valve or catheter to retain the catheter and have it repaired rather than removed or replaced
  • 1-Liter drainage bag is light weight and compact
  • Low vacuum siphon activating pump makes it simple to initiate drainage and does not lose vacuum


  • Multiple kit configurations provide flexibility
  • Catheter may be placed antegrade, retrograde, or over-the-wire

ASPIRA® Drainage System

Product Code
Product Code
49922064992506Catheter Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter
49922074992507Complete Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter, 5 Drainage Kits, 5 Dressing Kits
Voucher for 20 Drainage Kits and 20 Dressing Kits
49922084992508Essential Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter 20 Drainage Kits
20 Dressing Kits
49922094992509Starter Kit
1 Insertion Tray with Catheter 5 Drainage Kits
5 Dressing Kits

ASPIRA® Drainage Accessories

Peritoneal Product CodeDescription
4991503Dressing Kit – 5 Kits Included
49923011000 mL Drainage Bag – 5 Bags Included
4992305Luer Adapter
4992306Repair Kit
4992307Universal Tubing Adapter