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The NvisionVLE® Imaging System is designed to help gastroenterologists care for their patients, seeing abnormalities beneath the tissue surface where other technologies can’t see.

Current methods to identify abnormalities in the esophagus and bile duct can leave disease undetected. Standard of care white light endoscopy evaluates the tissue surface alone, while random biopsy and brush protocols supply a superficial and limited set of tissue for analysis. The NvisionVLE Imaging System, a state-of-the-art imaging tool available to gastroenterologists, provides a high-resolution volumetric view of both the tissue surface and subsurface; helping doctors deliver the best care.

About the NvisionVLE® Imaging System

Advantages of NvisionVLE® Imaging System

  • Advanced OCT captures images up to 3mm beneath the mucosa at 7 micron resolution in real time, unlike WLE, which can only image surface detail
  • Visualize 100% of the tissue in a 6cm scan for more informed evaluations
  • Offers a full-field view (~l0,000mm2), as opposed to a “point” image typically obtained with confocal microscopy (0.25mm2)
  • Advanced OCT imaging delivers up to 25X higher resolution than endoscopic ultrasound
  • Provides a dramatic increase in imaging speed and improved image resolution, compared to first-generation OCT systems
  • Creates tissue Iaser marks, visible under WLE, designed to help clinicians target biopsies at a site of interest that may not be visible with other imaging modalities
Order Code Item Name
NvisionVLE® Imaging Console with Real-Time Targeting
NvisionVLE® Probe
95301-M-20 20mm Balloon
95301-M-17 17mm Balloon
95301-M-14 14mm Balloon
95501-LP Low-Profile Balloon-less
96101-60-5 NvisionVLE® Inflation System – Box of 5