Introducing Merit Medical’s CentrosFLO® Chronic Dialysis Catheter Designed by Dr. Stephen Ash

Merit Medical is thrilled to announce the addition of the NEW CentrosFLO long-term hemodialysis catheter to its dialysis catheter line. This unique design features unique, preshaped, curved tips that automatically center the catheter ports within the middle of the vessel.

“The outward-curved limbs contact only one or two points within the lower SVC, minimizing the irritation of the SVC versus long straight-tip catheters,” Dr. Ash explained. The distal tip of the catheter has a unique curved configuration that keeps the ports of the catheter centered and away from vessel walls.

Initial in vitro bench testing showed minimal recirculation rates of less than 1% and flow rates well within the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) Guidelines. The CentrosFLO can be placed through a split sheath introducer or over-the-wire to suit your specific insertion needs. A unique, non-barbed tunneler is included in the CentrosFLO.

The CentrosFLO is a tremendous addition to Merit Medical’s dialysis catheter and accessory product offering and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to market this new line!

The NEW CentrosFLO – Centered on Performance

To find out more about the CentrosFLO long-term hemodialysis dialysis catheter, please call Merit Medical Customer Service at 1-800-35-MERIT.

Lynette Torman
Senior Product Manager

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