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Wire-Free Tumor Localization

Advanced Applications of Wire-Free Technology for Biopsy, Neoadjuvant Therapy and Oncoplasty

Featuring both didactic presentations and live discussions, our Think Wire-Free course focuses on advanced applications of radar technology for wire-free tumor localization. Learn how physicians across the country are moving to a wire-free standard of care to achieve optimal clinical results, improved workflow efficiencies and a better patient experience from biopsy to surgery. Webinars provide a variety of additional topical presentations on optimizing wire-free techniques. Think Wire-Free is led by our expert surgeon and radiology faculty members.


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Merit Medical offers physician education in many formats – virtual video conferences, in-person classes, on-demand webinars, as well as courses designed around continuing education credits. We’re putting your education into your hands and offering formats designed to meet you, wherever you are.

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On-demand webinars are intended to support your expert use of wire-free localization in your practice or hospital system. Topics will include wire-free localization for breast lesions and lymph nodes following neoadjuvant chemotherapy, the role of wire-free localization in facilitating oncoplastic breast surgery, and more.

Disruptive Innovation: Harness the Power of RADAR
Recorded April 28, 2023
Andrea Madrigrano, MD
Ralph Corsetti, MD
Brett Parkinson, MD
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Emerging Frontiers: RADAR Localization for Soft Tissue Tumors
Recorded February 25, 2023
Chris Burke, MD
Brian Czerniecki, MD
John Mullinax, MD
Vince Reid, MD
Kimberly Vanderveen, MD
Jonathan Zager, MD
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SCOUT® Roundtable: Is It Time to Consider Time of Biopsy Placement?
Recorded November 2, 2021
Colleen Murphy, MD, FACS
Brett Parkinson, MD
Stephanie Valente, DO, FACS
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Merit Café: Advancements in Wire-Free Localization – Evolution from Radioactive to Radar
Recorded August 12, 2021
Charles Cox, MD
Becky Collazo, BSRT(R)(M)
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Advanced Utilization of SCOUT® Radar Localization for Breast Cancer Surgery
Recorded April 21, 2021
Andrea Madrigrano, MD
Colleen Murphy, MD
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Emerging Frontiers: SCOUT Radar Localization Beyond Breast
Recorded February 26, 2021
John Mullinax, MD, FACS
Brian Palafox, MD
Vince Reid, MD, FACS
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The Intermountain Healthcare Experience: Improving Breast Cancer Protocols with SCOUT Radar Localization
Recorded February 18, 2021
Brett Parkinson, MD Watch Now
Post-COVID Strategies to Optimize Breast Cancer Care: A Patient-Centered Model
Recorded October 27, 2020
Barry Rosen, MD, FACS
Mary K. Hayes, MD
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The Intermountain Healthcare Experience: Improving Breast Cancer Protocols with SCOUT Radar Localization
Recorded September 22, 2020
Brett Parkinson, MD Watch Now
Lessons Learned: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Exposed the Need for OR Optimization
Recorded July 13, 2020
Vince Reid, MD Watch Now
Patient-Centered Breast Cancer Treatment: Extraordinary care for extraordinary times.
Recorded May 27, 2020
Barry Rosen, MD, FACS Watch Now
Advanced Applications & Oncoplastic Approaches with SCOUT
Recorded on April 29, 2020
Juliann Reiland, MD Watch Now
Advanced Applications of SCOUT Wire-Free Localization
Recorded on September 26, 2019
Anne Peled, MD Watch Now
The Evolution of Wire-Free Breast Localization: Perspectives From a Radiologist and a Surgeon
Recorded May 30, 2019
Mary K. Hayes, MD
Erica Bloomquist, MD, FACS
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Richard Ha - ThinkWire-Free Faculty - Merit Medical - SCOUTradar

Richard Ha, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology, CUMC Director of Education and Research, Division of Breast Imaging
New York, NY, USA

Mary Hayes, MD

Chief of Women’s Imaging Center Memorial Healthcare System
Hollywood, FL, USA

Brian Englander, MD

Chief, Department of Radiology Pennsylvania Hospital
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Brett Parkinson, MD

Medical Director for the Breast Clinical Program Intermountain Health Care
Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Ralph Corsetti, MD

Professor of Surgery Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA, USA

Charles Cox, MD

Endowed Chair & Professor, College of Medicine Surgery South Florida College of Medicine
Tampa, FL, USA
Brian Czerniecki, MD, PhD - Think Wire-Free Faculty

Brian Czerniecki, MD, PhD

Chair & Senior Member of Moffitt Cancer Center Department of Breast Oncology
Tampa, FL, USA

Andrea Madrigrano, MD, FACS

Associate Professor of Surgery, Co-Director, Breast Cancer Service Line Rush University
Chicago, IL, USA

John Mullinax, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine
Tampa, FL, USA

Colleen Murphy, MD

University of Colorado Medicine
Denver, CO, USA

Brian Palafox, MD

Chief, Cardiac Surgery St Joseph's Hospital
Orange, CA, USA

Vincent Reid, MD

Director, Surgical Oncology Mercy Medical Center
Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Stephanie Valente, DO

Associate Professor of Surgery Cleveland Clinic Learner College of Medicine and Case Western Reserve University Director, Breast Surgery Fellowship Program Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH, USA