Adjustable Coaxial Temno™ (ACT) Biopsy Device

The ACT device lets you manipulate the sample notch size from 9 to 19 mm for precise control with small lesions and peace of mind in vascular areas. The coaxial introducer allows multiple sampling from one percutaneous puncture while helping minimize damage to surrounding tissue.

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Adjust sample size for precise control

Echogenic markings
Echogenic markings facilitate precise ultrasound placement.

Compact, lightweight design
The enhanced design of the ACT device allows easy passage through a CT gantry.

22GACT221122G x 11cm20G x 6cm5cm
ACT221522G x 15cm20G x 10cm9cm
20GACT201120G x 11cm19G x 6cm5cm
ACT201520G x 15cm19G x 10cm9cm
ACT202020G x 20cm19G x 15cm14cm
18GACT181118G x 11cm17G x 6cm5cm
ACT181518G x 15cm17G x 10cm9cm
ACT182018G x 20cm17G x 15cm14cm
14GACT141514G x 15cm13.5G x 10cm9cm