Depth Markers on Merit Medical’s ReSolve® Locking Drainage Catheter Help Ensure Safe and Accurate Placement

In a survey of Radiologists and Interventional Radiologists, roughly 80% said they measure the depth from the skin to the fluid collection prior to inserting a drainage catheter. Various reasons were given for this practice including “accuracy and safety”. To help ensure safe and accurate placement of the ReSolve Locking Drainage Catheter, depth markers are placed the entire length of the catheter beginning 1 cm proximal to the distal tip.

To help with accurate placement, some physicians mark the depth on their catheter. Having the marks pre-printed on the catheter will reduce the need for physicians to mark the catheter, potentially saving time with more accuracy.

Visit the Merit Medical website to learn more about the ReSolve Locking Drainage Catheter.

Richard Collard
Senior Product Manager
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

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