Merit Medical Wins Telly Award for its Suite of Product Videos Produced by Lone Peak Productions, Inc.

Merit Medical is proud to announce that its product videos for HepaSphere™ Microspheres and Blue Diamond™ Digital Inflation Device won two Bronze Telly Awards in the Sales category at this year’s 33rd Annual Telly Awards.

The Telly Awards are given for web commercials, videos, and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs. Entries are submitted from advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments around the world. Merit Medical’s videos were produced in conjunction with Lone Peak Productions, Inc. of Salt Lake City. The 33rd Annual Telly Awards received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.

The videos showcase a number of Merit Medical products including HepaSphere Microspheres, designed for controlled, targeted embolization with or without delivery of doxorubicin HCI for the treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) and the Blue Diamond Digital Inflation Device, a next-generation digital inflation device with a bold bright display that provides a high resolution visual representation of pressure.

To view these prize-winning videos, and our complete line of videos showcasing Merit Medical products, visit our website,

Construction of New Merit Medical Facility Underway in Pearland, Texas

Merit Medical broke ground early in 2012 and construction is underway on a new 107,000 square foot facility located in Pearland, Texas. Pearland is 12 miles south of Houston, Texas and approximately 30 miles northeast of Merit Medical’s Angleton facility.

The Pearland building is expected to be complete in May of 2013.

Merit Medical Presents Radial Approach Product Options to Hospitals in Brazil

Merit Medical just completed a successful week of presentations on its radial approach product options to hospitals in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil.

Presentations and training for physicians and cath lab personnel included inservicing the radial approach using Merit Medical products from introduction to closure in approximately 20 cases. The training took place at Escola Paulista de Medicina Hospital, Dante Pazzanese Hospital, and Beneficencia Portuguesa Hospital (one of the largest cath labs in Latin America) in Sao Paulo and Hospital Cardiologico Costantini and Intercordis-Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças in Curitiba.

The Merit Medical Radial Approach products used were Prelude® sheath introducers, Performa Ultimate™ diagnostic catheters, and the Finale® radial compression device. The Performa Ultimate 1 catheter was considered by many users to be preferable to the Terumo Tiger shape, especially when cannulating the RCA, LCA, and when performing a ventriculogram. The physicians and staff liked the Finale because they thought it was simple to use, does not occlude the ulnar artery, can easily check pressures, and quickly addresses decompression issues.

Merit Medical Opens New Facility in Galway, Ireland

Merit Medical officially opened a new $25 million facility at the Parkmore Business Park East in Galway, Ireland on May 15, 2012. Merit Chairman and CEO Fred Lampropoulos and the Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny, spoke at the opening ceremony.

Prime Minister Kenny expressed his appreciation for Merit Medical’s investment in Ireland. Lampropoulos praised the Irish workforce: “Our high level of satisfaction with our Galway facility’s ability to take on new challenges and its successful track record in developing new products over the past 16 years were major factors in implementing this crucial investment there.”

The new 75,000 square foot building will be the principal site for the development and manufacture of guide wires and inflation devices such as InQwire® Guide Wires, Merit MAK™ Mini Access Kits, and BasixCOMPAK™ Inflation Devices.

Merit Medical’s Ireland facility is responsible for providing general, financial, and operational management to its European operations. Lampropoulos believes the new facility will play a significant role in increasing the company’s global business.

Continuing conservative care versus crossover to RF-TVA (radiofrequency kyphoplasty): a comparative effectiveness study on the treatment of vertebral body fractures.

Merit Medical Recognized as a Diamond Sponsor of Global Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST) 2012

Merit Medical was recognized as a Diamond-level sponsor at GEST 2012 in New York, May 3-6. A Diamond-level sponsor designation is given to companies who contribute $100,000 or more to support the annual GEST symposium, its audiovisual services, GEST faculty, and educational materials.

Each year, GEST assembles experts from around the world to discuss the latest studies, treatment options, and clinical results using embolization for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, aortic disease, uterine fibroids, trauma, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, vascular malformations, and liver cancers.

GEST 2012 acknowledged Merit Medical’s support in the syllabus/course book as well as on signs and display boards on site at the symposium.

Merit Medical is proud of its sponsorship, which allows the symposium to provide excellence in continuing medical education and to enhance the educational experience of attendees at the “world’s foremost meeting on embolization.”

Merit Medical Releases Interactive App for the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new interactive app for the EN Snare Endovascular Snare System. This app is designed to help customers when selecting the appropriate EN Snare configuration for use in a desired vein or artery. The app is also designed to provide the EN Snare product codes and technical specifications for reference and ordering purposes.

Interested in downloading the EN Snare Endovascular Snare System interactive app? You can access it via the following web link:

To add this interactive app to your iPad, open the link within Safari and select the menu option “Add to Home Screen.” Once complete, close Safari and access the app directly by tapping on the EN Snare app icon.

Jesse Hansen
Senior Product Manager, Merit Medical

Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle™ Delivers New Product News

Merit Medical is delivering a new marketing tool this spring — the Innovation Chronicle newspaper. The newspaper features interviews with inventors, physicians, and authors about several new Merit Medical products:

• the Ostial Pro® Stent Positioning System
• the CentrosFLO™ Chronic Dialysis Catheter
• the Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D.™ Antimicrobial Hemostasis Pad
• the ASAP® Aspiration Catheter
• QuadraSphere® Microspheres
• the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter

The Innovation Chronicle is a unique way for readers to learn more about these innovations and the inventors who created them. The newspaper also includes interviews with physicians who have used some of these products in a clinical setting and a question and answer interview with the author of a recent study on the use of microspheres for embolization.

The Innovation Chronicle also has a lighter side—a crossword puzzle and cartoons. Merit Medical is looking forward to sharing its news with clinicians this spring!

Click here to read Merit Medical’s Innovation Chronicle.

Merit Medical Expands Embolic Line with Smaller-Sized QuadraSphere® Microspheres

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. announces the FDA 510(k) clearance of Biosphere Medical QuadraSphere® Microspheres in a new 30-60μm size. The new smaller size provides physicians the ability to achieve more distal occlusions when embolizing hypervascular tumors and arteriovenous malformations. When packaged in their dry state, the new microspheres measure 30-60μm, but when reconstituted for use, they expand to 120-240μm.

QuadraSphere® Microspheres are biocompatible, hydrophilic, non-resorbable, expandable, and conformable microspheres designed for controlled, targeted embolization. QuadraSphere® Microspheres 30-60μm, along with the three other available sizes of microspheres, further enable physicians to more precisely match the sphere size to the size of the targeted vasculature. We are delighted to bring this new smaller size to the market to enhance Merit’s broad array of Interventional Radiology implant options.

Sandra Anderson
Sr. Product Manager
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Merit Medical Recognized as a 2011 Universal Supporter of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR)

Merit Medical has been recognized as a Universal Supporter for its “total commitment” to SIR. The Society of Interventional Radiology is a non-profit, national scientific organization of over 4,500 members that promotes education, research, and communication in the practice of cardiovascular and interventional radiology.

The Universal Supporter designation is awarded to an SIR-member company that has participated in three or more educational activities, supported the SIR Foundation, provided in-kind equipment support, and contributed educational or Foundation support in excess of $25,000.

Merit Medical will be among 12 companies honored with a special banner at this year’s SIR conference in San Francisco, March 24-29.

Defining Reliability and Accuracy with the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System

Physicians understand that circumstances arise that require the use of an endovascular snare device. Some planned situations include the removal of an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter, dialysis catheter fibrin sheath stripping or stent placement. Some unplanned circumstances include the removal of a sheared catheter tip, a broken guide wire or a defective stent. Regardless of the circumstance, physicians reach for a reliable and accurate endovascular snare device that allows them to efficiently remove any foreign object from the vasculature.

Merit Medical is pleased to meet these clinical needs with the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System. The EN Snare® is the only endovascular snare that incorporates three interlaced loops designed for a unified approach to the capture of foreign objects. Each loop is wrapped in a platinum band to provide visibility under fluoroscopy. The Nitinol core wire allows flexibility to promote vessel navigation.

The EN Snare® is available in seven configurations with snare loop sizes ranging from 2 mm to 45 mm to accommodate a broad range of vessels throughout the body. The sizes conveniently overlap which allow customers to order the snare sizes that best fit their clinical needs.

Interested in learning more about the EN Snare® Endovascular Snare System? Check out the new promotional video on the EN Snare® product web page or visit for more details.

Jesse Hansen
Senior Product Manager, Merit Medical

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. adds the Ostial Pro® Stent Positioning System, designed to help accurately place stents.

Merit Medical continues to invest in bringing value-rich tools to the hands of skilled physicians. The next product to be added to Merit’s cardiology portfolio is the Ostial Pro® Stent Positioning System, launching in Q1 2012. This device was recently acquired from Ostial Solutions, LLC.

The Ostial Pro® is a Nitinol device with gold-plated feet to ensure accurate placement of stents at the junction of arterial vessels with the aorta. It is estimated that between 2% and 15% of coronary stent placements are ostial1. Missing distal or proximal to the target lesion can result in a number of complications and added costs. This device provides a simple and efficient means for accurate aorto-ostial stent placement and minimal residual stenosis in difficult-to-treat lesions.

Current studies show that the use of the Ostial Pro® is associated with decreased procedure times, radiation exposure, and a lower volume of radiographic contrast use, which reduces costs for both the hospital and the health care system2.

Stay tuned for additional information on this innovative product.

1 Fischell, TA. Initial clinical experience using an ostial stent positioning system (Ostial Pro™) for the accurate placement of stents in the treatment of coronary aorto-ostial lesions. J Invasive Cardiol. 2009 Feb; 21(2):53-59.

2 Kwan, TW. What is the price for perfection for precise aorto-ostial placement? J Invasive Cardiol. 2011 Aug; 23(8): 327.

Merit Reaches Distribution Agreement for the Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D.™

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. has negotiated a long-term distribution agreement with Scion Cardio-Vascular to sell its Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D., a soft, non-woven topical pad that provides an optimal wound-healing environment with an effective antibacterial barrier. The pad is intended for the local management of bleeding wounds and to provide a barrier to bacterial penetration of the dressing. For Interventional Cardiologists and Radiologists with patients who are anti-coagulated or who have bleeding complications after interventional or diagnostic peripheral vascular procedures, the Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. can effectively coagulate fully heparinized blood. The Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. reduces hold time as well as time to ambulation.

The pad is versatile and can be placed around sites involving percutaneous catheters, tubes, and pins. The Clo-SurPLUS P.A.D. has demonstrated in-vitro antibacterial activity for up to 6 days. It is water soluble for easy and painless removal, which is more comfortable for the patient.

Mark Heninger
Sr. Product Manager
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Comparison of Clinical & Radiological Data in Treatment of Osteoporotic VCFs Using RF-TVA (RF Kyphoplasty) or Balloon Kyphoplasty

High Quality Products and High Quality Videos

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. has partnered with an Emmy award-winning video production firm to produce a suite of high quality educational videos. These new videos and others can be viewed by visiting the Merit Medical corporate website Go to the “Product” heading menu on the home page and from these select “Videos.” Sales representatives are using the videos as a sales tool, and clinicians are viewing the videos to learn more about the products.

If you want to learn more about our products, I invite you to watch these videos. These informative videos feature a variety of Merit Medical products:

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Celebrating 25 Years of Success

Merit Medical designed and introduced the first digital inflation syringe and monitor called the Intellisystem® back in 1989. This same device, with many improvements and upgrades is still on the market today. This year we launched the Blue Diamond™ digital inflation syringe, the most advanced inflation syringe in the world used to inflate angioplasty balloons and deploy vascular stents. In addition to the Intellisystem® and Blue Diamond™ brands, Merit Medical also sells the Monarch® digital inflation device launched in 1990. The BasixCOMPAK™ and the Big60™ represent Merit’s analog inflation syringe offering. Interventional cardiologists and radiologists have used more inflation devices from Merit Medical since 1989 than from any other supplier.

In 2012 Merit Medical Systems, Inc. will celebrate 25 years of being in business. Inflation devices represent only a few of the many products we offer. The accomplishments have been numerous and the growth of the company is impressive. From the founding in 1987, our sales have steadily grown and there has never been a year without at least one new product introduction (and usually many). It is exciting to be part of a progressive company that has contributed so much to the medical device industry. I am proud to be part of an organization that helps improve clinical outcomes in cardiology and radiology and also helps to improve the quality of life for the patients we ultimately serve.

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

2011 marks the 24th straight year that Merit Medical Systems, Inc. has expanded its product offering with a pipeline full of new products and line extensions to existing products. This year we launched the ASAP® aspiration catheter in the United States (formerly only available in Europe), TRAM™ and TRAM-P™ manifold with integral transducer, the One-Step™ TAPS (Thoracentesis and Paracentesis Set), the Embosphere® microspheres with syringes made of cyclo olefin polymer (cop), and the Merit Mini Access Kits Non-Vascular (MAK-NV™) with chiba needle. The company’s product development pipeline for 2012 is filled with more than a dozen new opportunities that will help define the future of the company. Peter Drucker, who is recognized globally as the father of modern management, once said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” We look forward to 2012 and beyond; the future looks positive with many more new products in the development pipeline.

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Double Digit Growth in U.S. Peripheral Vascular Device Market Through 2018

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is a strong participant in the transcatheter embolization market with a broad offering of calibrated, hydrophilic spheres including: Embosphere® Microspheres, EmboGold® Microspheres, QuadraSphere® Microspheres, and HepaSphere™ Microspheres. Embosphere Microspheres are indicated for embolization of symptomatic uterine fibroids, hypervascular tumors and arteriovenous malformations. The company is also sponsoring a clinical trial (HiQuality) titled “HepaSphere/QuadraSphere Microspheres for Delivery of Doxorubicin for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Cancer.”

According to a new report by iData Research, the U.S. peripheral vascular device market in 2011 is valued at over $3.8 billion. The market is expected to grow rapidly to over $7.1 billion by 2018 fueled by sales of many new products and the increased use of transcatheter embolization devices for new indications such as cancer and stroke treatment. “Transcatheter embolization devices, which are used to occlude blood flow within the vasculature, are expected to be the fastest-growing segment in the overall peripheral vascular market,” says Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData. “Their uses are going beyond the treatment of aneurysms and other arteriovenous malformations and are being used in the treatment of growths, cancers, and stroke. In particular, sales of particle embolics, which can deliver drug-coated and radiolabeled beads for targeted drug delivery and radiation therapy, are estimated to grow at double-digit rates through 2018.” (Source:

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is ideally situated to capture some of the market growth resulting from the expansion of transcather embolization procedures.

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

MRG Forecasts Dramatic International Sales Growth

Merit continues to expand sales efforts globally with new sales offices in mainland China, Hong Kong and other strategic areas outside the United States. “In 2010, our international sales grew approximately 10% over our 2009 international sales, and accounted for approximately 32% of our total sales.”1 This expansion is timely and the growth is significant. In a recent business wire dated October 4, 2011, the Millennium Research Group (MRG), a global authority on medical technology market intelligence, stated: “… the Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese interventional cardiology device markets are all expected to grow strongly in the next five years, driven largely by rapid economic growth, which increases both the prevalence of coronary artery disease and the funding available for its treatment.”2

Merit has approximately 175 independent dealer organizations and packers that distribute our products worldwide, including territories in Russia, Africa, the Middle East, Asia (including China and India), South and Central America (including Brazil), Europe (some direct sales representation and some independent dealers), Australia and Canada. We believe that our international sales will continue to increase because of our extensive sales coverage in these areas and because of the dramatic industry growth.

1 2010 Merit Medical Systems, Inc. Annual Report

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Dreamforce Conference and

We’ve successfully completed the rollout of and training for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program called with our US Direct and European Direct sales organizations. is the largest and most successful cloud-based CRM program in the world with more than 77,000 businesses currently using the product. The overall goals of this initiative are to find, attract and win new customers, as well as to nurture and retain the customers the company already has. We look forward to a positive impact on our business by the way we interact with customers using this new initiative.

In preparation for the CRM launch, a group of Merit employees from Marketing, IT and Sales recently attended the 2011 Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco to learn (and share the experience with more than 43,000 other attendees) about the new capabilities. The Dreamforce Conference featured outstanding keynote speakers, interactive demos, in-depth discussions, technical training and more. Merit already has great people with the knowledge and desire to be successful; gives us one more powerful tool to better position the company for success!

Larry Tolman
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.