Merit Medical’s procedural kits and packs are not only convenient bundles of high-quality products; they are service-oriented solutions designed to provide value through cost-savings and efficiency improvements. Each design leverages Merit’s broad portfolio and years of clinical experience to solve our customers’ unique challenges. A recent example highlights Merit Medical’s ability to save a customer time and money, and provide a solution tailored to their specific needs.

During a radial access case, a Merit Sales Representative observed that the Cath Lab staff was consistently pulling several individually-packaged sterile supplies. Aside from adding time to the procedure setup, the lack of a well-designed procedure pack increased the likelihood of clinical errors and created additional packaging waste and cost inefficiencies.

Merit Solution: Having a keen understanding of diagnostic procedures and the radial access technique, our Merit representative was able to recognize the opportunity to create an innovative radial-specific procedure pack. What makes this pack unique is the inclusion of the radial introducer sheath and the hemostasis compression device, which is something other pack providers and device manufacturers do not offer. The customer realized the benefit of efficiency improvements and cost-savings through a complete procedural solution that combined Merit’s pack capabilities, complementary portfolio of radial devices and our clinical expertise.

This story is just one of many that speak to Merit’s unique ability to deliver value to our customers. We are dedicated to understanding our customers’ challenges and developing creative solutions that incorporate our expertise and breadth of quality products. Whether you need a standard procedure kit or a fully customized pack, Merit has the capabilities to deliver cost-effective solutions on your timeline. Contact your Merit representative for more information and request a complimentary utilization assessment.