FOX News and Fred

On September 16, 2018, Fox 13 News featured Merit CEO and Founder, Fred Lampropoulos, to learn more about his success in the medical device industry and where Merit Medical is headed in the years to come.

Interviewed on the program, “3 Questions with Bob Evans,” Lampropoulos largely attributes his success in business to his attention to detail—a practice he learned from his military service and something he applies to everything Merit. “Pay attention to detail,” Lampropoulos says. “It builds confidence.” A confidence, he notes, that extends from his employees all the way to his customers. “You just have to listen and connect the dots. It’s not [about] what I want to do; it’s what my customers want me to do for them.”

Thirty years ago, Lampropoulos founded Merit Medical on a single product—a stronger, safer, disposable syringe—but he had plans for many products and ideas that would take Merit to where it is today and decades into the future. His motivation for this foresight was clear: to save and improve lives. He goes on to explain that with the help of gifted physicians, the number of lives Merit Medical saves with its products reaches 15-20,000 every day. “What other motivation do you need than to know that you’re helping to save and improve somebody’s life?” Lampropoulos asks. “There are hundreds of patients all over the planet. From Iceland to South Africa, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, India, Europe—you name it, we’re there. And that is what’s so gratifying.”

We invite you to watch the entire Fox 13 News interview to learn more about what drives Lampropoulos in business and his vision for Merit Medical as a global corporation.