Merit’s Trusted Guide Wires and CathetersMerit Medical prides itself on proactively meeting customer needs and delivering a diverse range of high-quality products. From diagnostic and interventional wires to catheters and microcatheters, our innovative product lines are designed with you in mind, offering many advantages over competing devices. Take a look at some of our most trusted products and discover how they can meet your clinical needs and improve patient care.

Guide Wires

  1. Merit Laureate® Hydrophilic Guide Wires display true 1:1 torque response and optimum lubricity, when placing devices during diagnostic and interventional procedures. Market studies show the Laureate has definitive turn-for-turn responsiveness, a design feature that aids in minimizing wire whipping and friction and supports rapid catheter exchanges. Its resilient hydrated gel coating provides a constant fluid layer on the wire surface for long-lasting durability. In addition, the Laureate has a nitinol core and a radiopaque jacket designed to provide enhanced visibility.
  2. The True Form® is a 0.014” reshapable guide wire designed with Shapeable Tip Technology. Truly holding its shape during procedures, the True Form can be shaped and reshaped multiple times for vessel cannulation. Up to 7x more lubricious than the competition, its hydrophilic coating, along with a flexible shaft, helps navigate tortuous anatomy, whereas a stainless steel core gives excellent support for devices. The True Form Reshapable Guide Wire is now preloaded within the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter, a system that adds ease in preparation, potentially saving time and increasing procedural efficiency.


  1. The Performa® line of Diagnostic Cardiology and Peripheral Catheters is available in both radial and femoral curves and a large variety of shapes for each clinical application. Both devices are engineered with a nylon Pebax® material for improved kink resistance during procedures. The wire braid design offers greater torque and a high degree of maneuverability and pushability. The Performa line is available in 4F, 5F, and 6F, yielding higher flow rates at lower pressures.
  2. Impress® Hydrophilic Catheters boast several features that support navigation through tortuous anatomy. Its Legato hydrophilic coating is designed to reduce friction and maintain lubricity. Merit’s proprietary braided stainless steel shaft provides excellent tortional torque and maximum flexibility while reducing kinking in a tight radius. In addition, the Impress is designed with a soft, tapered tip that is highly visible under fluoro. Available in a wide range of standard shapes, Impress Hydrophilic Catheters can also be customized to support your professional needs.
  3. The Merit SureCross® is a hydrophilic support catheter made specifically for crossing tight, difficult lesions. Designed with SureCross Shaft Technology, these support catheters optimize pushability and flexibility, which improves guide wire support, trackability, and lesion crossing. Its low-profile yet robust tapered tip offers triple platinum marker bands that begin at a tip distance of 2 mm, maximizing accuracy of tip location, enhancing tip radiopacity, and providing seamless tip to guide wire transition. The SureCross is compatible with multiple guide wire diameters and is available in several lengths to meet your clinical needs.


  1. The Merit Maestro® Microcatheter provides the outcomes you expect for small vessel embolization. This multipurpose microcatheter is designed with a nylon ribbon braid that extends the entire length of the catheter, including the tip, giving exceptional torque, kink recovery, and steerability. Distal hydrophilic coating increases trackability through tortuous anatomy while a radiopaque marker allows the clinician to easily identify the catheter tip. The innovative Swan Neck design helps to seat the catheter in the vessel, reducing the recoiling effect of embolic material. Preloaded with the True Form™ Reshapable Guide Wire, this system simplifies preparation, which may save time and boost procedural efficiency.
  2. For the distal vasculature that seemed out of reach, Merit Pursue™ Microcatheters are designed for pushability and trackability through small and tortuous vessels. Pursue Microcatheters have a small outer diameter that allows for deeper navigation into the vasculature while still being able to deliver the same spherical and non-spherical embolics of larger diameter microcatheters.


  1. The SeaDragon™ Torque Device is designed to enhance manipulation of both hydrophilic and PTFE-coated guide wire tips: Simply squeeze the top cap to position, reposition, or remove the device. The ergonomic SeaDragon can be operated with one hand, achieving rapid device exchanges. Without having to tighten and untighten, the SeaDragon helps to save clinicians time.

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Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema France.