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The 2018 Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) programme is right around the corner, and Merit Medical is looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon on 22–25 September.

We’re thrilled to announce a number of educational events we’ll be hosting during this time at booth #49 as well as at our Merit Education Experience Centre. Featuring three hands-on sessions organized by CIRSE (Tumour Ablation/Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Vertebral Augmentation, Embolisation/Particulate Agents) and a number of product launches, attendees will have the opportunity to experience what places Merit’s people, products, programmes, and services at a high level of excellence.

Keep an eye out for the following exciting products and activities:


Product Launches

  • Q50® PLUS Stent Graft Balloon Catheter

This versatile balloon catheter is ideal for abdominal and thoracic EVAR procedures. In addition to reliable AAA & TAA stent graft modeling and expansion, the Q50® PLUS Stent Graft Balloon Catheter is ideal for temporary occlusion of large vessels.  .

  • Osseoflex® SB Steerable and Straight Balloons

The Osseoflex® SB family of inflatable bone tamps for vertebral augmentation or kyphoplasty includes both steerable and straight balloons. The steerable and straight 10G SB balloons are available in 2mL and 4mL balloon sizes.


Meet the Experts

The following expert presentations will be held at the Merit Education Experience Centre. Available spots are limited. Please register here or at booth #49.

Clinic to Treatment — Day Case Fibroid Embolisation

Moderator: M. Little (Reading/UK)

Dates & Times: Saturday, 22 September at 14:45–15:45


SwiftNINJA®: A Newly Developed Steerable Microcatheter for Challenging Selective Vascular Catheterisation

Moderators: F. Deprez (Namur/BE), N. Ptochis (Athens/GR)

Dates & Times: Saturday, 22 September at 16:00–17:00  | Monday, 24 September at 16:30–17:30


STAR™ Tumour Ablation System in Treatment of Metastatic Spine Disease

Moderator: G. Anselmetti (Milan/IT)

Dates & Times: Sunday, 23 September at 09:30–10:30 | Monday, 24 September at 15:30–16:15


Neuro Thinks Radial

Moderators: R. Barranco (Barcelona/ES), D. Klass (Vancouver, BC/CA)

Dates & Times: Sunday, 23 September at 11:00–12:00 | Monday, 24 September at 12:00–12:50


Bone Biopsy: Choose Your Path

Moderator: J. D. Laredo (Paris/France)

Dates & Times: Sunday, 23 September at 12:00–13:00  | 13:30–14:30 | and 16:15–17:15


Left Distal Transradial Access for HepaSphere™ Drug-Eluting Microspheres TACE

Moderator: D. Klass (Vancouver, BC/CA)

Dates & Times: Sunday, 23 September at 12:30–13:00 |Monday, 24 September at 09:15–09:45 – In-booth presentations


Don’t Go Left™ An Overview of the Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System to enable catheter placement in patients with occluded upper central veins.

Moderator: G. Sengölge (Vienna/AT)

Dates & Times: Sunday, 23 September at 14:30–15:30 | Monday, 24 September at 9.45–10.45


ThinkPAE™ . Rationale, evidence and techniques for Prostate Artery Embolisation.

Moderator: M. Sapoval (Paris/FR)

Dates & Times: Monday, 24 September at 11:00–12:00 |Tuesday, 25 September at 11:00–12:00


Why did I choose the Radial Approach? Insights from My Practice.

Moderator: D. Klass (Vancouver, BC/CA)

Dates & Times: Tuesday, 25 September at 13:00–14:30


ReSolve CirQ™: Nephrostomy comes full circle.

Moderator: W.Loan (Belfast/UK)

Monday 17:30-18:00; Tuesday 09:00 – 09:30


Products and Demonstrations Available at the Merit Booth (#49)

Attendees can visit the Merit booth to learn about physician training programmes and products for prostate artery embolisation, radial and left distal radial approach, interventional spine, dialysis, drainage, soft tissue biopsy, bone biopsy, and more.

The following demonstration models will be available:

  • Vascular Flow Model

A vascular flow model will be available for demonstration of the SwiftNINJA® Steerable Microcatheter, Merit Pursue™ Microcatheters, and the True Form™ Reshapable Guide Wire.

  • The Surfacer® Inside-Out® Demo Model

A Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Learning Centre System will be available to demonstrate catheter placement in patients with occluded upper central veins.

  • ThinkBiopsy™

We’re providing open workshop time that will offer hands-on practice with soft tissue and bone biopsy devices and models. Available every day.

To participate in the many valuable product experiences and procedural activities we’re offering, be sure to stop by booth #49 and the Merit Education Experience Centre. See you in Lisbon!

“Please consult the product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, potential complications, warnings, precautions and directions for use.”




Merit’s Expertise Creates Efficiency Gains and Cost-Savings Through Custom Radial Procedure Pack


A Season of Excellence: Merit Recognizes Its Summer Interns


Training IRs with ThinkRadial™: Techniques in Kenya That Make a Difference

Bone Biopsy System Devices

Merit Medical Offers Full Range of Manual Bone Biopsy System Devices

Merit Medical Job Fair 2018

Merit Medical Holds Its First On-Campus Job Fair

On Wednesday, August 1st, Merit Medical is hosting a first ever on-campus job fair at its South Jordan, Utah, headquarters. Openings for careers in production, molding, warehouse, and assembly are available. Continuous growth and a strong demand for products have prompted local talent recruitment. Founded in 1987, Merit Medical started with a single device idea […]

Distal Transradial Access European ThinkRadial

Distal Transradial Access, a Topic at Merit’s recent European ThinkRadial Training Program

Most Interventional Cardiologists throughout Europe support a radial-first approach for PCI. And more and more Interventional Radiologists and Neuro Radiologists admit that radial access plays a prominent role in an operator’s practice. Merit Medical’s ThinkRadialTM program brings together these disciplines with one goal: leverage the benefits of using transradial access (TRA) in reduction of access-site […]

Fibroid Awareness Month

Through Patient Awareness Efforts and Quality Embolotherapy Products, Merit Medical is Committed to Fibroid Care

State by state, July is being recognized as Fibroid Awareness Month in the US. A common and often unspoken condition, fibroids affect as many as eight out of ten women by age 50.1 Heavy and prolonged menstruation, pelvic pain and pressure, and urinary dysfunction are just a handful of the symptoms associated with fibroids that can end up taking a toll on a woman’s physical and emotional well-being. Although many women with fibroids may not experience symptoms, up to half seek treatment to find relief.2

Merit is committed to increasing fibroid awareness as well as promoting a safe and effective alternative to surgery: uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). We do this by taking a two-fold comprehensive advocacy approach that addresses both patient and physician needs. At Merit, we believe knowledge is power, and we support patient education through our Ask4UFE® program. Furthermore, our diverse portfolio offers interventional radiologists the products they need to provide optimal UFE care.

Patient Education

Ask4UFE is a program dedicated to women’s health, particularly uterine fibroids and the benefits of UFE. We accomplish this by providing women with educational resources, such as a website (, brochures, infographics, UFE patient testimonials, and monthly articles and newsletters based on the latest fibroid research. With continuous growth and engagement, we amplify our outreach efforts through social media, welcoming hundreds of thousands of new users to our online community each year.

Embolotherapy Portfolio

In addition to patient outreach, we make it a priority to assist interventional radiologists by offering an embolotherapy suite of products that support the UFE procedure, from start to finish. Merit’s Embosphere® Microspheres are the most clinically studied and clinically utilized spherical embolic—and the only embolic with over 20 years of clinical use, six-year implant data, and more than 200 journal publications that substantiate its safety and efficacy.3

We understand that fibroid infarction is the key to long-term UFE success, and the choice of embolic is crucial to sustaining infarction over the long-term. Complete infarction of all fibroids has been shown to result in a higher rate of symptom control and a lower rate of additional gynecologic intervention versus incomplete infarction of fibroid tissue.4 Embosphere Microspheres have a direct correlation between the level of arterial occlusion and the size of the microspheres used, allowing for consistent and reliable targeted occlusion.5,6 With Embosphere, studies show 92% of patients experienced 100% infarction of their entire uterine fibroid tumor burden, much higher than competing embolics.7,8,9,10

Embolic Infarction Chart

Embosphere Microspheres also have innate delivery advantages. A hydrophilic surface and spherical shape prevent aggregation in the catheter lumen and vasculature.11 Moreover, Embosphere’s elastic properties allow compression of up to 33% to facilitate smooth microcatheter passage.11 But once through the microcatheter, the microspheres return to their original shape and stated diameter for predictable and targeted delivery.11

Given these clinical advantages, Embosphere Microspheres continue to be the “gold standard” embolic for UFE and the embolic of choice for optimal clinical results and long-term symptom control.12

This Fibroid Awareness Month, we invite you to explore the many resources we offer that enhance fibroid care. Share with your patients and discover how Embosphere Microspheres can support your embolization procedures.


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Merit’s Trusted Guide Wires and Catheters

Designed with You in Mind, Merit’s Trusted Guide Wires and Catheters Offer Several Advantages over the Competition

Merit’s Trusted Guide Wires and CathetersMerit Medical prides itself on proactively meeting customer needs and delivering a diverse range of high-quality products. From diagnostic and interventional wires to catheters and microcatheters, our innovative product lines are designed with you in mind, offering many advantages over competing devices. Take a look at some of our most trusted products and discover how they can meet your clinical needs and improve patient care.

Guide Wires

  1. Merit Laureate® Hydrophilic Guide Wires display true 1:1 torque response and optimum lubricity, when placing devices during diagnostic and interventional procedures. Market studies show the Laureate has definitive turn-for-turn responsiveness, a design feature that aids in minimizing wire whipping and friction and supports rapid catheter exchanges. Its resilient hydrated gel coating provides a constant fluid layer on the wire surface for long-lasting durability. In addition, the Laureate has a nitinol core and a radiopaque jacket designed to provide enhanced visibility.
  2. The True Form® is a 0.014” reshapable guide wire designed with Shapeable Tip Technology. Truly holding its shape during procedures, the True Form can be shaped and reshaped multiple times for vessel cannulation. Up to 7x more lubricious than the competition, its hydrophilic coating, along with a flexible shaft, helps navigate tortuous anatomy, whereas a stainless steel core gives excellent support for devices. The True Form Reshapable Guide Wire is now preloaded within the Merit Maestro® Microcatheter, a system that adds ease in preparation, potentially saving time and increasing procedural efficiency.


  1. The Performa® line of Diagnostic Cardiology and Peripheral Catheters is available in both radial and femoral curves and a large variety of shapes for each clinical application. Both devices are engineered with a nylon Pebax® material for improved kink resistance during procedures. The wire braid design offers greater torque and a high degree of maneuverability and pushability. The Performa line is available in 4F, 5F, and 6F, yielding higher flow rates at lower pressures.
  2. Impress® Hydrophilic Catheters boast several features that support navigation through tortuous anatomy. Its Legato hydrophilic coating is designed to reduce friction and maintain lubricity. Merit’s proprietary braided stainless steel shaft provides excellent tortional torque and maximum flexibility while reducing kinking in a tight radius. In addition, the Impress is designed with a soft, tapered tip that is highly visible under fluoro. Available in a wide range of standard shapes, Impress Hydrophilic Catheters can also be customized to support your professional needs.
  3. The Merit SureCross® is a hydrophilic support catheter made specifically for crossing tight, difficult lesions. Designed with SureCross Shaft Technology, these support catheters optimize pushability and flexibility, which improves guide wire support, trackability, and lesion crossing. Its low-profile yet robust tapered tip offers triple platinum marker bands that begin at a tip distance of 2 mm, maximizing accuracy of tip location, enhancing tip radiopacity, and providing seamless tip to guide wire transition. The SureCross is compatible with multiple guide wire diameters and is available in several lengths to meet your clinical needs.


  1. The Merit Maestro® Microcatheter provides the outcomes you expect for small vessel embolization. This multipurpose microcatheter is designed with a nylon ribbon braid that extends the entire length of the catheter, including the tip, giving exceptional torque, kink recovery, and steerability. Distal hydrophilic coating increases trackability through tortuous anatomy while a radiopaque marker allows the clinician to easily identify the catheter tip. The innovative Swan Neck design helps to seat the catheter in the vessel, reducing the recoiling effect of embolic material. Preloaded with the True Form™ Reshapable Guide Wire, this system simplifies preparation, which may save time and boost procedural efficiency.
  2. For the distal vasculature that seemed out of reach, Merit Pursue™ Microcatheters are designed for pushability and trackability through small and tortuous vessels. Pursue Microcatheters have a small outer diameter that allows for deeper navigation into the vasculature while still being able to deliver the same spherical and non-spherical embolics of larger diameter microcatheters.


  1. The SeaDragon™ Torque Device is designed to enhance manipulation of both hydrophilic and PTFE-coated guide wire tips: Simply squeeze the top cap to position, reposition, or remove the device. The ergonomic SeaDragon can be operated with one hand, achieving rapid device exchanges. Without having to tighten and untighten, the SeaDragon helps to save clinicians time.

Learn more about how these Merit products can meet your clinical needs by visiting the product pages or speaking with a Merit representative today.

Pebax® is a registered trademark of Arkema France.

MyAspira Drainage System

Newly Launched Provides Clinicians and Patients with Access to Advanced Home Drainage Care

At Merit Medical, our commitment to improving the lives of healthcare professionals and their patients goes beyond the manufacturing process. More than just a medical device company, we provide services that ensure our customers get the most out of our products. An excellent example of this service is our newly launched, a mobile-optimized online […]


Designed by Nurses: The Exclusive DualCap® System Solves Common Problems Associated with Competing Disinfection Products

DualCap Disinfection and Protection System

On any given day, about one in 25 hospital patients has at least one health care-associated infection (HAI), resulting in thousands of lives lost and billions of health care dollars spent each year.1 A common risk factor for HAIs is IV catheter use.1

To tackle this threat to patient safety, solutions were created by medical professionals who manage infection firsthand: nurses. And what they designed has revolutionized how the medical community prevents catheter-related infections. Made by nurses, for nurses, the DualCap Disinfection & Protection System™—a device with two caps that protects IV connectors between uses—not only provides rapid and ongoing protection at both IV catheter access points but also offers solutions to common concerns associated with using competing disinfection systems:

  1. “Snap the Cap”

    Competing disinfection system caps can be difficult to attach or snap on. Requiring too much force to “snap the cap” into position, it can then be difficult to confirm whether the cap is secure. The DualCap System is uniquely designed with multiple threads and an ergonomic grip that allow the clinician to confidently screw the cap into a secure position with less force.

    DualCap threads

  2. “Lost Caps”

    When using competing disinfection systems, another common problem is when caps fall off devices entirely, leaving the male luer or needleless valve—and the patient—open to potential infection. Unlike the competition, the DualCap’s hold and twist tapered design offers easy-to-grip caps that fit tightly and securely, helping to minimize the risk of infection.

    DualCap inside

  3. “Disinfectant Leakage”

    Isopropyl alcohol should stay in the disinfection system—and not enter the patient’s bloodstream. The DualCap System is the only device that features a cap for male luer connectors that blocks isopropyl alcohol from entering the patient’s bloodstream with a sealing cone that prevents it from entering the fluid path. This safety-feature design keeps disinfectant from traveling down the fluid line and potentially invading a patient’s bloodstream.

These problems may be common, but they do not have to be. Learn more about the exclusive DualCap Disinfection & Protection System—a design trusted by actual nurses who are experts at identifying HAI factors and providing effective solutions to minimize risk.

1. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2018, Jun 21). Health Care-Associated Infections. Retrieved from

Q50-PLUS Stent Graft Balloon Catheter

Join Us in Boston June 21-22 for 2018 Vascular Annual Meeting

We are thrilled to be exhibiting at this year’s 2018 Vascular Annual Meeting of the Society for Vascular Surgery. Come see the Q50®PLUS Stent Graft Balloon Catheter1 – available exclusively from Merit Medical.  We have multiple products to help you in your abdominal and thoracic procedures. Additionally, Merit has a broad offering of dialysis products, […]

South Jordan, Utah, Headquarters Merit Care On-Site Clinic Puts Employee Health First

Merit Medical prioritizes the health and wellness of our employees. Out of the many benefits we offer, the on-site Merit Care Clinic located at our South Jordon, Utah, headquarters epitomizes this attitude. “There is so much benefit for having the clinic here,” says Nicole Priest, MD, medical director and practitioner at the Merit Care Clinic. […]

Seth Worley MD Article

A Better Way Forward: Seth Worley, MD, Writes About the Benefits of Adopting I-CRT in June 2018 EP Lab Digest

Successfully placing the left ventricular (LV) lead in an optimal clinical location is a recognized challenge of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). And although the rate of failure to place the LV lead in patients has decreased over time, there is always room for improvement. This is where Interventional CRT (I-CRT) comes in. “I-CRT…forces the operator […]

NTI2018 Recap

NTI 2018 Replay

It was “Game On!” in Boston where Merit enjoyed our time at the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, National Training Institute, Critical Care Symposium (NTI). Having wrapped things up, we can now take a moment to look back at the show, to reflect on the many wonderful people we met, and discuss how we […]

Merit to Exhibit at GEST 2018

Merit is pleased to participate this year at GEST. In addition to showcasing products, we are pleased to provide several hands-on learning opportunities. PAE Learning Pavilion Merit will host the Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE) Learning Pavilion at GEST, featuring simulators with actual PAE cases designed by Dr. Shivank Bhatia. These innovative and realistic simulators feature […]

Merit to Exhibit at VASA 2018, New Orleans, May 10-12, Booth 201

We’re excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Vascular Access for Hemodialysis Symposium – VASA 2018. The symposium will be held May 10-12 in New Orleans and is considered to be a premier educational event by professionals involved in the management of vascular access. Merit will be hosting an educational symposium as well as showcasing […]

Merit Medical at HRS 2018

Merit Medical is pleased to announce training and hands-on learning opportunities at HRS 2018, from May 9-11 in Boston, MA. HRS attendees can learn techniques and technologies from some of electrophysiology’s foremost thought leaders. Here’s a preview of what you can expect: Thursday, May 10th LV Lead Delivery: Providing Options with a Simplified Approach Booth […]

Merit to Exhibit at NTI 2018

It’s “Game On!” in Boston at the AACN National Teaching Institute (NTI) and Critical Care Expo, May 22-24. Merit Medical is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at NTI, booth #3334, with CERP accredited presentations about infection control and patient safety. Bring your “A-Game” and join us for ice cream and some friendly competitive games while you learn about the DualCap® Disinfection and Protection System. We will also have experts on hand to answer your questions about our Safety and Hemodynamic monitoring products.

ExpoEd Sessions (CERP Accredited)

Merit Medical continues its focus on clinical education by bringing two respected experts to present on infection prevention and patient safety.

“Creating and Implementing a CLABSI Bundle”

A case study for implementing a CLABSI bundle within Nemours Hospital

Erin Dwyer, MSN, RN, ACCNS-P, CCRN-K

Clinical Nurse Specialist at Nemours/Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

  • 10:45 – 11:15 am
  • 11:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • 12:15 – 12:45 pm

“Patient Safety Successes from the Frontlines”

An overview of the medical error challenge facing patients, and examples of how organizations have implemented strategies and tactics to mitigate

Bertie Chuong, DNP, RN, CCRN Resource and Education Coordinator, EPS Co-Chair, Yale New Haven Health System

Wednesday May 23rd, 2018

  • 11:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • 12:15 – 12:45 pm
  • 1:45 – 2:15 pm

Think Safety and Infection Prevention, and Discover the vast array of solutions for clinicians and patients at the Merit Medical booth at NTI.

Infection Prevention Products

DualCap Disinfection and Protection System
DualCap Disinfection & Protection System

The DualCap System consists of two caps designed to help prevent intraluminal contamination, as well as cross-contamination, especially important for IV catheter use over extended dwell times.

Safety Products

Medallion syringes in range of colors
Medallion® Syringes

Our Medallion syringes are designed to facilitate compliance with national safety goals that require labeling of all medications on and off the sterile field. Medallion syringes come in seven color options with custom printing, or a frosted field for writing information directly on the syringe barrel.

Backstop+ disposal system with temporary sharps holder
BackStop+™ Disposal Systems

For quick and safe fluid waste elimination, the Backstop+ and MiniStop+™ disposal systems both have seal-tight lids to prevent fluid leakage after a procedure. The disposal systems also come with a temporary sharps holder.

ShortStop Advantage temporary sharps holder
ShortStop Advantage® Temporary Sharps Holder

The ShortStop Advantage has all of the features of the original ShortStop temporary sharps holder but with the addition of side access for holding sharps devices in a safe and secure horizontal orientation. Fully loaded syringes will not tip or bend when secured in the ShortStop Advantage side access port.

Hemodynamic Monitoring Products

Meritrans DTXPLUS disposable transducer sets
Meritrans DTXPlus® with Safedraw®

Meritrans DTXPLUS come in a range of single, double, and triple disposable transducer sets. They are available with the Safedraw safe arterial blood sampling system. They are designed with Easyvent® – a unique cap that allows clinicians to prime and zero the stopcock without removing the cap and exposing the line to the environment.

Find More